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Dear fans and friends of Roger Federer and tennis,

As I told you a few days ago on the site that I created for the purpose of publishing a second book in French on the career of Roger Federer I have the immense joy to inform you that nothing is currently opposed to the publication of this second book, which will come out of the press at the end of the career of the “Master”. Please read this communication in full.

The unavoidable priority for the publication of this new book that I had set for myself, that of obtaining the publication authorization of Roger Federer is now realized. Indeed ” Rodgeur” gave me his permission to publish this book that I had asked him, which deeply moved and honored me.

As it stands, the project is 320 pages long. This project will be further complemented, notably by the elements of the end of the career, by the publication of all or part of the 20 photos of Roger Federer brandishing the 20 Grand Slams he won as well as by the preface to the book that will be the work of Severin L’thi, his coach, whom I met personally. Here he is very cordially thanked for his agreement. The price of the book will be set according to the number of pages it will have (e.g. CHF 26.00 for 300 pages, CHF 30.00 for 350 pages and CHF 34.00 for 400 pages, including postage for shipping to Switzerland, plus actual shipping costs for foreign countries).

In order to better organize the continuation of operations for this publication, I invite every tennis club in Switzerland or other recipient of this publication that has not yet done so to complete the registration form listed on the above site at the address (which is rather a pre-registration slip). When the time comes, a final registration form will be sent to all the senders of the first newsletter to ask if they confirm the figures. This newsletter concerns both the ordering of books and the participation in the session in Neuchâtel with Roger Federer if it can take place.

In this case, the presence of the following sports/sports leaders seems assured for this session:

Me Denis Oswald, Member of the International Olympic Committee
M. Jean-Pierre Egger, Former world-renowned athlete and physical trainer
M. Bernhard Russi, Skier
M. Jacques Cornu, Motorcycle rider
Mme Tania Besancet, Ex-snowboarder
M. Joël Corminboeuf, Ex-Torhüter der Nationalmannschaft und Neuchâtel-Xamax
M. Pierre-Alain Dufaux, Shooter (the most medal-winning Swiss athlete Switzerland has ever known)
M. David Favre, Sprinter
M. Julien Fleury, Runner
Mme Jo Gutknecht, NUC Volleyball President
M. Thomas Gutknecht, Président Colombier Volley
M. Christophe Hurni, Automobile driver
M. André Kuhn, Fencer
M. Loris Kyburz, Talented young single-seater driver
M. Marc Lauenstein, Runner
M. Thierry Marcante, Physiotherapist, author of the preface to the first book
M. Ivan Moscatelli, Painter, author of the work on the first page of the book
Me Freddy Rumo, Former football executive
M. Stefan Volery, Ex-swimmer
M. Damien Wenger, Young player of the Swiss Davis Cup team

If such a session can take place, they will also be invited:

  • Roger Federer’s parents, wife, children and sister;
  • Severin Lathi, author of the preface to this second book;
  • the presidents of the executive and legislative authorities of the City and the Township of Neuchâtel;
  • Mr. Chief Sports Officer of the City of Neuchâtel;
  • other potential sportsmen/sports leaders.

Each guest present will receive a free copy of the book and a ticket to the event.

It is with pleasure that the author will be aware of any remarks under the heading “possible remarks” of the registration form.

Further comments/information will be sent later to tennis clubs or other persons who have returned the registration form.

In addition, for those interested, the CHF 20.00 silver coin created in early 2020 with the image of Roger Federer is still available from the Issuing Office (swissmint Federal Mint) at a price of CHF 30.00. It can be ordered directly by clicking here.

The author of the book already thanks everyone for the reception that will be extended to this communication. Please return the above registration form as soon as possible. This will greatly facilitate the author in organizing future steps for the publication of this book.

The autor : Jean-Denis Sauser,

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« Roger Federer 2011-202?, Suite et apothéose d’une flamboyante carrière »

The price of the book will be set according to the number of pages it will have (e.g. CHF 26.00 for 300 pages, CHF 30.00 for 350 pages and CHF 34.00 for 400 pages, including postage for shipping to Switzerland, plus actual shipping costs for foreign countries).

All books ordered and paid for will be shipped prior to the session.

An invoice with the new QR system will be sent for all orders received, with payment confirming the final order.

If a session can be organised in the presence of Roger Federer, a discount of CHF 5.00 on the entrance fee will be granted to those who have ordered and paid for the book (entrance fee unknown at this time). In addition, the author formally undertakes to pay the sum of CHF 5.00 to the Roger Federer Foundation for each ticket sold.

Free admission for children born after 31 December 2009.

Jean-Denis Sauser